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The R Studio Follow-Up

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

*Reproduction and distribution of the presentation is prohibited.

Dr. Loni Philip Tabb received her MS (2005) and BS (2003) in Mathematics from Drexel University, and her PhD (2010) and AM (2007) degrees in Biostatistics from Harvard University. Her doctoral work focused on developing novel methods in addressing excessive zeros in longitudinal count data applied in environmental as well as health and social disparities settings. Since joining the faculty at Drexel, her research focuses primarily on spatial statistics and epidemiology with applications in health and social disparities, violence, and toxicity studies. Much of Dr. Tabb’s work involves using Bayesian statistical methods in the presence of complex data structures. Earlier research focused on the intersection of alcohol and violence in urban settings; with a more recent focus on the additional impact of marijuana access and availability - given the changing landscape of legalization of marijuana in the US.

More recently, Dr. Tabb has concentrated her research efforts on the intersection of health and place, specifically as it applies to cardiovascular health. In particular, she uses novel spatial and spatio-temporal statistical methods to look at the local and national geographic patterns of black-white inequities in this country.


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