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Intersectionality and Data Analysis

Dr. Camila Alvarez

Intersectionality is not only an important theoretical innovation within critical work, it also has associated data analysis techniques. This seminar explores how to quantitatively model the intersected identities people hold to develop a deeper understanding of their lived experiences. This seminar includes asynchronous materials to help you prepare for step-by-step quantitative demonstrations in the synchronous session

Camila H. Alvarez, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Merced. She specializes in air pollution, social inequalities, environmental justice, and quantitative methodology. Her research focuses on how environmental problems manifest as a result of social and systematic inequities. Her research has been published in Social Science & Medicine, Sociological Perspectives, Environmental Sociology, Socius, and Nature & Culture. She earned her PhD and MA in Sociology from the University of Oregon, and her B.A.s in Sociology and Mathematics from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Twitter: C_H_Alvarez Visit website here


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