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Social Network Analysis

Dr. Manuel Gonzalez Canche

Seminar participants will explore SNA, an analytical tool that can be used to map and measure social relations. SNA techniques can be used in Tableau and R Studio. Asynchronous materials in one of those formats will be made available in advance of the seminar to help seminar participants prepare for step-by-step statistical demonstrations in the synchronous session.

I am an associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s GSE. I am interested in providing estimates of expected outcomes associated with a variety of decisions students make, effects of state- and federal-level policy changes, and spatial spillovers and outcome dependence. Examples include localized dependence and competition in non-resident tuition price setting, changes in Stafford loan limits on students’ debt accumulation, and sector effects of initial college enrollment on students’ loan debt accumulation. My cognates in economics, sociology, and biostatistics have deeply influenced the types of questions and methods I typically employ, including my interest in computer programming. Indeed, more recently, I have been working on software development and our network analysis workshop will rely on a software application called MOVIE (Mapping, Organizing and Visualizing Interdependent Events) that I recently developed. More information and workshop description and materials can be found here:


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