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Race, Interference, and Mechanisms in Quantitative Methods

Updated: Jul 13, 2021


Associate Professor of Sociology - Northwestern University

*Reproduction and distribution of the presentation is prohibited.

Quincy Thomas Stewart is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Northwestern University. He is interested in the dynamic processes that create inequalities in socioeconomic status, health and mortality. Stewart has published on quantitative methods for studying inequality, the estimation of mortality, and on racial and ethnic disparities in socioeconomic status, health and mortality.

His current work includes: 1) analyzing racial inequality using agent-based models, 2) examining the role of disease prevalence in mortality outcomes, and 3) analyzing racial disparities in attitudes, socioeconomic status and health outcomes.

Professor Stewart completed his undergraduate training (B.S) in Interdisciplinary Studies at Norfolk State University (1996). He completed his Ph.D. in Demography and Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania (2001). He was a 2006 recipient of the Robert Wood Johnson Scholar in Health Policy Research fellowship at the University of Michigan. Before joining Northwestern in 2011, Professor Stewart was on the faculty at Indiana University for 9 years as a member of the Department of Sociology.


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