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Computational Approaches I:

Data Science with Python

Alfred Hull

Python is a powerful tool for computational analysis. Seminar participants will receive an introduction to Python and computational data science. This seminar includes asynchronous materials to help you prepare for step-by-step statistical demonstrations in the synchronous session. Guidance on how to acquire the Python software free of charge is made available to Scholars in advance of the session.

As a Senior Scientist, Mr. Hull consistently consults his early background in Reason, Logic, and Communication. This foundation affords an ability to serve stakeholders in strategically transforming chaotic, complex, and complicated issues into distinct scenarios to orchestrate collaborative teams aiming to transform organizations’ intellectual capital into decisive capabilities!

At an early age, he was encouraged to obtain a solid foundation in mathematics and musical arts. Spring boarding off this foundation, he cultivated the ability to decipher complex trends and aggregate data logically to see the “image within the pixels.” Unpacking these trends into meaningful content has enabled him to succeed in engineering decision support tools (Analytics), further adding value to various audiences.

Before joining the Department of Defense Civilian Service, Mr. Hull worked for Fortune 50 organizations (FAAMG) in various roles spanning sole contributor, project manager, and organizational leadership, enabling a solid foundation in Decision Science, Strategy, and financial management policy.

Mr. Hull has completed formal training and certifications from the University of Virginia, the George Washington University, and Old Dominion University.


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