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Nkemka Anyiwo

Nkemka Anyiwo is a Vice Provost and National Science Foundation postdoctoral fellow in the Human Development and Quantitative Methods division at the University of Pennsylvania. She earned her M.S.W. and Ph.D. in Social Work and Developmental Psychology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. At the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Anyiwo is affiliated with the Racial Empowerment Collaborative, where she examines sociocultural processes that shape Black youth's ability to holistically thrive in the face of racism and develop the skills and confidence to create social justice in their communities and society. Through her work, she identifies the role of proximal (e.g., family) and distal (e.g., public figures) forces in shaping Black youth's social identities, sociopolitical beliefs, and racial justice actions. Dr. Anyiwo also investigates the role of digital contexts and art as sociocultural influences on Black youth. Core to her work is the belief that the youth voices are essential to social change and knowledge production. Thus, she seeks to collaborate with youth and their communities to design research projects and translate findings into interventions and policies that support the wellbeing of Black communities. Her program of research is guided by her experiences as a youth activist, artist, and racial justice advocate.

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