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Karyn Allee-Herndon

Karyn Allee-Herndon earned a PhD in Elementary Education from the University of Central Florida (BAE ’93 & MEd ’94 in Elementary Education/ECE from the University of Florida; EdS ’09 in Educational Leadership from Stetson University). Dr. Allee-Herndon’s professional experiences include teaching primary grades at high-need schools, working in a large urban district as a coach and PD facilitator, and working for three education companies to facilitate customized PD, support large-scale district implementations and school improvement efforts, to evaluate programs, and to develop early childhood curriculum. Dr. Allee-Herndon’s responsibilities as an Assistant Professor of Elementary Education at Mercer University include working primarily with elementary MAT initial teacher certification candidates and PhD students in the Curriculum & Instruction track. Currently, her research focuses on how poverty affects cognitive development, executive function/self-regulation as predictors of school readiness and achievement, and instructional strategies (including play and physical activity) to reduce academic achievement gaps. Dr. Allee-Herndon has been published in multiple journals including the Early Childhood Education Journal, The Reading Teacher, and the Journal of Research in Childhood Education. She is also a member of multiple professional organizations such as the American Educational Research Association, the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and the National Association of Early Childhood Teacher Educators.

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