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Charles Bolton

Charles Bolton is a native of Sacramento, California. He is a graduate of the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. As an alumnus of City Year Chicago, an AmeriCorps program, Bolton mentored, tutored, and volunteered over 1500 hours in 10 months. Bolton has a strong passion for helping students develop their goals and fostering a deep motivation to succeed. After graduating from college, he co-founded Motivation, Outreach, and Development for Education (M.O.D.E) at his high school alma
mater to influence more students to seek higher education. This vast experience led Bolton to become a Special Education teacher in Los Angeles in 2012. Bolton’s educational philosophy is that all students have the right to education, and it is his responsibility to advocate for equitable educational experiences for all students. Charles Bolton was named Master Teacher based on the College-Ready Promise evaluation system due to his ability to provide fair and appropriate learning environments to all
students. Consequently, Bolton took on the role of Special Education Coordinator to ensure students received proper special education evaluation assessments. Bolton received his Masters of Arts degree in Education at Antioch University Los Angeles and is currently a second-year doctoral student studying Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Howard University. He currently teaches full time and researches the impact of special education on Black students.

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