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AJ Alvero

AJ Alvero studies data science, inequality/inequity in education, and computational sociolinguistics at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. He co-founded the Student Narrative Lab, where he collaborates with his advisor, Mitchell Stevens, as well as Anthony Antonio and Ben Domingue.

AJ’s work has appeared in conferences and publications such as Educational Data Mining, Association for the Study of Higher Education, American Sociological Association, and AI, Ethics,
and Society. His dissertation studies sociolinguistic variation in college admissions essays written by Latinx students using computational and qualitative methods. AJ's research has been generously supported by the Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship, the Diversifying Academia, Recruiting Excellence (DARE) Fellowship, the Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education (EDGE) Fellowship, and the El Centro Chicano y Latino Graduate Scholars in Residence Program. Prior to starting a PhD at Stanford, AJ was a high school English teacher and studied literature and foreign language education at the University of Miami and Florida International University.

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