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Uzoma Chikwem

I always strive to be a hard working professional at everything I do and I have never been scared to take on new challenges. I am continually learning highly difficult concepts, like Machine Learning and robotics, to stay current in the technological field with a focus on developing hardware and software to aid in the process of education plus creating a better tomorrow. Most of the advances mankind has made in our history can be attributed to sharing our knowledge, and as CO-PI to several NSF funded grants, I have developed several platforms for disseminating our results as well as collected data for analysis. I have developed and currently maintain several websites related to our grants at Lincoln University including; Lincoln STEM website, IHE Journal of Science, LUGREAT( RIMI grant) , LU Supplemental Instruction, LU-FIELDS and more. Apart from websites, I am currently researching and developing LEAPS-Tapp, a Transformation mobile application developed by students to implement services or features that would improve STEM retention and graduation rates. As a result, I’ve learned the importance of communication skills needed to get things done at an HBCU like Lincoln University between administration and the program team. Additionally, all the grant responsibilities I have accomplished over the years have developed my knowledge in constructing approved budgets, curriculum, publications, grant reports and much more expertise that should make my contribution to the 2021 National Science Foundation QCM Scholars Cohort a success.

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