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Roni Ellington

Dr. Roni Ellington is an associate professor of Mathematics Education in the Graduate Program in Mathematics and Science Education at Morgan State University. Dr. Ellington has been a mathematics educator for the past 20 years, and I have been particularly committed to promoting the mathematics education of African American students. She began her career as a secondary mathematics teacher in the Baltimore City Public School System and has worked as a mathematics lecturer in the Morgan State University Department of Mathematics. In addition to conducting research in diversity and equity in mathematics and STEM education, she worked as a mathematics/STEM professional development consultant for various school districts and organizations.

Dr. Ellington has authored several scholarly articles in mathematics and interdisciplinary STEM education and the social-cultural factors that impact African American student success in mathematics and STEM disciplines. Her research interest includes developing interdisciplinary curricula, understanding the experiences of faculty engaged in interdisciplinary research and teaching, the professional development of urban mathematics teachers, equity and social justice mathematics education, diversity and inclusion in STEM-related fields, and the training and development of minority scholars in education. Her research has been featured in The Negro Educational Review, Equity and Quality in Mathematics Education, and the Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem Based Learning.

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