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Nicté Fuller Medina

Nicté Fuller Medina (PhD, University of Ottawa) is a quantitative linguist. She studies the mechanisms underlying multilingual speech to both inform linguistic science and to challenge narratives of deficiency with respect to speakers of racialized language varieties such as Creole languages and Spanglish. By further examining these mechanisms within the ideological landscape which shapes language use, her research demonstrates the ways in which speakers resist racialized colonial ideologies through their everyday empirical linguistic practices. She aims to challenge the presumed neutrality of quantitative paradigms by situating them within the broader historical context while, through her work in data curation, she is making datasets of minoritized language varieties available in order to expand the knowledge base for linguistic science. From 2018-2021 she was the inaugural CLIR-Mellon postdoctoral fellow in Data Curation in Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles Library where she continues to work on data preservation, sharing and re-use.
Twitter: @DrNicte

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