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Leyte L. Winfield

Leyte L. Winfield is an associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry at Spelman College, where she serves as Division Chair for the Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Currently, she is also chairing the internal steering committee for the newly established Center of Excellence for Women of Color in STEM at Spelman College. Funded by the Department of Defense, the Center buildings upon Spelman legacy for preparing women of African descent to excel in STEM careers. Her past leadership experience extends across the academic environment. As the immediate past chair of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Spelman College, Winfield led the department's efforts to broaden the curriculum to meet the ideals of a liberal arts education while simultaneously providing students with resources that promote improved engagement and performance in the majors. In addition to her role as department chair, her record of leadership has included service as interim associate provost of research, as well as directorships for programmatic efforts geared toward improving diversity in STEM.

Dr. Winfield is leading NSF funds research related to the participation and success of underrepresented groups in STEM. Specifically, her work deals with characterizing how students of color demonstrate agency in pursuit of STEM careers and the ecosystems that nurture such agency. For these collaborative efforts, she has received more than $6.9 million.

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