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All attendees will have the cost of airfare and train covered via John Hopkins University World Travel.


Reimbursement for Private Automobile Mileage is available.

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All attendees must either email Staci Hynd ( that

you would like to begin the process of booking train/flights. You can also call World Travel

at (888) 433-2556. Whether you do it by email or by phone, please give the

World Travel representative the referral code: TRA0015153.

John Hopkins University World Travel Hours

Monday – Friday 8am-8pm

You may give them your own train/flight preference. Please note, ICQM travel policy is to book 

the most economical flights that are the most direct. Flights/trains booked will only have you return back

to the city from which you came.


All flights/trains and registration should be done no later than February 20, 2022.

Reimbursement for Private Automobile Mileage

ICQCM will reimburse mileage, gas and tolls. 

Please submit itemized receipt to

Additional reimbursement for oil, wear-and-tear, roadside assistance, etc. is not permitted.

For more information Contact:


Javon Goard, ICQCM Program Coordinator


Phone - 443-364-8787 

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